New Set released and items sent to Youmacon!

Hello everyone! We have been excitedly working on a special pirate themed set for the last week or so. If you’ve been following along on our facebook wall you can see our progress from draping to construction to the finished product, which has been a great process. We now have the “Out to Sea” set listed in our shop. There are only 2 available (one is completed, the other is being sewn up now), so please get them while you can. This was a fabric we’ve had in our stash for a while and just didn’t quite have that perfect concept for yet. We really love how it came out:


We also sent out a few items to Youmacon with the Lolita Collective. These are convention ONLY items and are not available in our webshop at this time. Please stop by their booth to get your share of goods!