Holy WOW you guys. Where do I even begin? I think I should start by just saying thank you to every single person who stopped by our Artist Alley table, my sewing panel, the fashion show, or just saying hello! The fashion show this year was a whole nother level than the previous years…. we had more than 30 looks from 9 different designers, and the room was PACKED. We’re going to reach out to Fanime for next year and see if we cannot have a longer time slot and possibly make it more of an event rather than a panel, but that’s for next year. The professional shots will be up in a few weeks in a separate update so please keep checking back for those. I know we ran out of programs at the show so I have a .PDF here for you so you can check out all of the fabulous designers and follow all of our amazing models on instagram and sneak a peek at their looks from their personal shots from the big day: Fanime fashion show program

As for my sewing panel. I know there was a small snafu with the website I made for you to check out. It turns out I forgot to hit “publish” and had only a saved draft, but that has been fixed and it is available live at: If you have follow up questions feel free to use the contact us page to shoot me an email. It was a pleasure to spend some time talking about something I love doing.

Finally, we sold SO much stuff I had to unlist it from our webshop because we have no more back stock. WOW. There will be a massive restock in a few weeks once we get the new Classic Pinafore pre-order finalized and can focus on new styles. We appreciate your business and hope you enjoyed getting to see our stock live and in person.


Cannot wait to have the professional shots from the fashion show to share with you! Check back soon!