Delta H Con

We thought we were done with con season until the fall this year, but SURPRISE! We are now going to be a guest at Delta H Con in Houston, Texas! We are so very excited and honored to be asked to attend in person. We’re going to be showing some new looks on the runway as well as have a booth to vend all of our latest and greatest items. We hope to have a restock of petticoats in time for this show as well as some new socks, hats, and our Classic Pinafores if they can get out of the factory in time! We’re also partnering up with some of the amazing indie brands we had at the Fanime fashion show to bring them to Delta H Con’s fashion show: Haenuli, Eat Me Ink Me, and The Snowfield have all agreed to send their looks to this new show. If you’re planning on attending please consider applying to model for any of these fantastic brands: