Fanime Approaches!


Hello everyone! This year is a big year for Fanime! They are celebrating their 25th anniversary and we’re bringing you our biggest fashion show line up yet! We have 4 designers who have never shown in the Bay Area yet: A. Gato Designs, Lily of the Valley, Miss Octopie, and Nerdy Bit. We have over 40 unique looks to share with you! For details on when and where the show is please check out our Facebook event.

Following that we will have a 2 hour vending event featuring most of the designers in the show called the J-fashion Trunk Show! This is a new vending format for us, but we hope you’ll be excited to get a chance to shop with us. If you miss this event, you’re more than welcome to PM us via Facebook or Instagram to see if we can meet up to deliver stock the rest of the weekend. For further details please check out this Facebook event!

And finally on Sunday morning we will be hosting a panel on the fine art of pattern draping! Here is a brief panel summary, which we’ll update with photos from the con after we’re done! Look for “J-fashion Sewing: How to Drape” in your programs.