Annual Customer Survey!

It’s time again for our annual customer survey! This is only the second time we’ve done this, but it has really helped us better understand our customers’ needs and what they are looking for product-wise. We’d love your feedback. Thank you!


Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020~! We have been very remiss in updating the website and we know it. This year our big resolution is to do a better job of that.

We’re starting out this year with announcing our first few events of the year: First we have the Royal Midnight Court presented by Butler Cafe V and of course Fanime. We also have some things lined up later in the year so please check out our Events page for a currently updated convention and event schedule.

We also are working on some major changes to the webshop. We plan on migrating to some sort of shopify situation, so do plan on having a different webshop experience from us very soon.

And finally, in case you missed it we released a small bodice tutorial for one of our designer’s personal projects that is available for free. Please check it out here:

Fanime 2019 Wrap up and Vacation Notice

Hey there folks! We had a FANTASTIC and I mean absolutely, better than ever, wonderful time this year at Fanime. We managed to pack everything in to 2 days and actually get to kick back and enjoy some of the con itself for a change. The first ever J-fashion Trunk Show was a solid hit, and the Draping Panel we did was full of attentive students who asked really good and thoughtful questions. If you’re still looking for the information from the Draping Panel check HERE. It was so much fun!!! We’re pretty wiped out though so it’s time to take a little summer break. We’re shipping out the Lulu Sparkles at the end of the week then we plan on being gone from June 11-19, 2019. We’ll still answer emails and such, but we’re taking the webshop offline for that week. Please shop our wonderful partners at Lolita Collective or Kawaii NOLA if you’re looking for some of our goods. Cheers everyone and thanks for another great con!


Fanime Approaches!


Hello everyone! This year is a big year for Fanime! They are celebrating their 25th anniversary and we’re bringing you our biggest fashion show line up yet! We have 4 designers who have never shown in the Bay Area yet: A. Gato Designs, Lily of the Valley, Miss Octopie, and Nerdy Bit. We have over 40 unique looks to share with you! For details on when and where the show is please check out our Facebook event.

Following that we will have a 2 hour vending event featuring most of the designers in the show called the J-fashion Trunk Show! This is a new vending format for us, but we hope you’ll be excited to get a chance to shop with us. If you miss this event, you’re more than welcome to PM us via Facebook or Instagram to see if we can meet up to deliver stock the rest of the weekend. For further details please check out this Facebook event!

And finally on Sunday morning we will be hosting a panel on the fine art of pattern draping! Here is a brief panel summary, which we’ll update with photos from the con after we’re done! Look for “J-fashion Sewing: How to Drape” in your programs.

Spring 2019

Hello lovelies! We have our first few styles of 2019 starting to come out. I’m sure several of you saw and snagged the “Etta” denim dress. We will be stocking a limited number of additional units after the pre-orders all ship as usual.


The next big release is more geared towards our Fairy-kei and Decora customers: “Lulu Sparkles” is now available for pre-order for an entire month (until March 22, 2019). It will be produced in our small local factory, and come in 2 colorways Lilac (sample) and Silver. The ship date for this pre-order is June 8, 2019, as we want to allow time to design for our usual fashion show season. We cannot wait to see how all of our customers coordinate this cutie! Cheers!

Winter 2018

Hello everyone! I know we’ve been awfully quiet since returning from our trip, but we have been BUSY. We just finished hosting a pop up with the members of Lolita Collective and special guest brand Moi-meme-Moitie this past weekend. It was amazing. The local San Francisco community really came out and showed us some love.


Unfortunately one shipment arrived too late for the event, and one designer’s goods got stolen en route to the show so we’ve decided to host a second pop up next month! We’ve also fully update our upcoming Events page with the things we’ve committed to so far for 2019. We also have some awesome new samples in the works and look forward to launching our next pre-orders. Hope the holiday season is treating you well! Cheers!