Invite us to your event!

If you’d like to invite us as a guest to your event or convention we would love to be there!
We have several panels we can do:

  • lolita-fashion sewing 201, an experienced sewist’s guide to Lolita fashion garments
  • Make your own rosette, a crafting workshop
  • Boystyle? What is it and where to shop.

We are also very well connected with several indie j-fashion brands and are well trusted to handle their merchandise! If you are just starting a j-fashion track at your convention we are experienced show runners and have managed several fashion shows from start to finish. We also can run consignment shops with our network of indie brands who trust us. In fact we are far often more sought after as show runners and producers than any other purpose!

For specific inquiries please email us at with the name of your event, the dates, and what you would like us to do at your show!