About our Brand
The Black Ribbon originally started in Atlanta, GA under the name Miscy as an esty shop all hand made by our designer, Halley. Around 2011 we changed our name and decided to move towards making more pieces in a factory setting. Our brand is almost completely produced in the San Francisco Bay Area, utilizing local factories as well as smaller productions made entirely in our own studio, please see individual listings for additional information. We produce small batch runs of clothing inspired by some of our favorite eras in fashion . The Black Ribbon strives for quality and sticks to our values of no sweatshop labor, good quality textiles, and having our line as accessible as possible to all people. We strongly support diversity, a livable minimum wage, and making clothes as sustainable as we can. We hope you like knowing your clothes were made by people who care from start to finish.

About our Designer
Halley has always been interested in fashion and costuming. Her father used to travel frequently on business and at her request would always bring back one dress from all of his far flung destinations. Her mother’s family has owned a tiny alteration shop in the Salt Lake City area for 3 generations spanning over 100 years, and Halley was able to learn her very first sewing skills from her mother while making some early costumes. While in college she began to start taking sewing seriously and opened a fairly popular Etsy shop and started sewing at least 5 hours every week. After completing her BA in studio art in Atlanta, Halley decided to take a chance and head to San Francisco to learn patterning and apparel production at a trade school, Apparel Arts. She worked in the local apparel industry for a couture bridal studio, then on to a mid-size manufacturer, and then finally officially striking out on her own. She now runs this and TBR Fashions as a designer for hire for people who are looking to start up their own fashion business, or make a special project of their own.