Fanime Approaches!


Hello everyone! This year is a big year for Fanime! They are celebrating their 25th anniversary and we’re bringing you our biggest fashion show line up yet! We have 4 designers who have never shown in the Bay Area yet: A. Gato Designs, Lily of the Valley, Miss Octopie, and Nerdy Bit. We have over 40 unique looks to share with you! For details on when and where the show is please check out our Facebook event.

Following that we will have a 2 hour vending event featuring most of the designers in the show called the J-fashion Trunk Show! This is a new vending format for us, but we hope you’ll be excited to get a chance to shop with us. If you miss this event, you’re more than welcome to PM us via Facebook or Instagram to see if we can meet up to deliver stock the rest of the weekend. For further details please check out this Facebook event!

And finally on Sunday morning we will be hosting a panel on the fine art of pattern draping! Here is a brief panel summary, which we’ll update with photos from the con after we’re done! Look for “J-fashion Sewing: How to Drape” in your programs.

Big Spring Clean!

It’s finally spring and that means it is time to start clearing space for our newest styles! We’ve marked down many pieces anywhere from 20-75% off. Head over to our “Sale” section and snag yourself a deal, and help us clean out the warehouse.


Spring 2019

Hello lovelies! We have our first few styles of 2019 starting to come out. I’m sure several of you saw and snagged the “Etta” denim dress. We will be stocking a limited number of additional units after the pre-orders all ship as usual.


The next big release is more geared towards our Fairy-kei and Decora customers: “Lulu Sparkles” is now available for pre-order for an entire month (until March 22, 2019). It will be produced in our small local factory, and come in 2 colorways Lilac (sample) and Silver. The ship date for this pre-order is June 8, 2019, as we want to allow time to design for our usual fashion show season. We cannot wait to see how all of our customers coordinate this cutie! Cheers!

Winter 2018

Hello everyone! I know we’ve been awfully quiet since returning from our trip, but we have been BUSY. We just finished hosting a pop up with the members of Lolita Collective and special guest brand Moi-meme-Moitie this past weekend. It was amazing. The local San Francisco community really came out and showed us some love.


Unfortunately one shipment arrived too late for the event, and one designer’s goods got stolen en route to the show so we’ve decided to host a second pop up next month! We’ve also fully update our upcoming Events page with the things we’ve committed to so far for 2019. We also have some awesome new samples in the works and look forward to launching our next pre-orders. Hope the holiday season is treating you well! Cheers!

We’re on vacation!~

Hey there everyone! We’re going on our much belated Honeymoon to Japan! We’ll be putting everything in the shop as “coming soon” as of Oct. 9th, so please get any orders in before then! We will have a few new items specifically open for pre-order while we’re gone including “Happy Hamburger”, a velveteen bolero, and one other JSK.


Thank you Dragon*con 2018!

Hello everyone! Long time no see! Sorry for the very delayed update but we’ve been on the road so much this year it’s been hard to keep up with everything. We just got back from the insanity that is Dragon*con and we hope you had as wonderful of a time this year as we did! Below is a little gallery of some of the cosplays, the Lolita Collective booth, and general good times.


As for what’s next…. we’re trying hard to restock the store this month with new items and styles. Please check out our Facebook page or Instagram for the very latest on new items hitting the shop. Often items get added to the store and are sold out the same day! The struggles of being a very small team, but we’re working on it. Cheers!!!

Delta H Con

We thought we were done with con season until the fall this year, but SURPRISE! We are now going to be a guest at Delta H Con in Houston, Texas! We are so very excited and honored to be asked to attend in person. We’re going to be showing some new looks on the runway as well as have a booth to vend all of our latest and greatest items. We hope to have a restock of petticoats in time for this show as well as some new socks, hats, and our Classic Pinafores if they can get out of the factory in time! We’re also partnering up with some of the amazing indie brands we had at the Fanime fashion show to bring them to Delta H Con’s fashion show: Haenuli, Eat Me Ink Me, and The Snowfield have all agreed to send their looks to this new show. If you’re planning on attending please consider applying to model for any of these fantastic brands:


Holy WOW you guys. Where do I even begin? I think I should start by just saying thank you to every single person who stopped by our Artist Alley table, my sewing panel, the fashion show, or just saying hello! The fashion show this year was a whole nother level than the previous years…. we had more than 30 looks from 9 different designers, and the room was PACKED. We’re going to reach out to Fanime for next year and see if we cannot have a longer time slot and possibly make it more of an event rather than a panel, but that’s for next year. The professional shots will be up in a few weeks in a separate update so please keep checking back for those. I know we ran out of programs at the show so I have a .PDF here for you so you can check out all of the fabulous designers and follow all of our amazing models on instagram and sneak a peek at their looks from their personal shots from the big day: Fanime fashion show program

As for my sewing panel. I know there was a small snafu with the website I made for you to check out. It turns out I forgot to hit “publish” and had only a saved draft, but that has been fixed and it is available live at: If you have follow up questions feel free to use the contact us page to shoot me an email. It was a pleasure to spend some time talking about something I love doing.

Finally, we sold SO much stuff I had to unlist it from our webshop because we have no more back stock. WOW. There will be a massive restock in a few weeks once we get the new Classic Pinafore pre-order finalized and can focus on new styles. We appreciate your business and hope you enjoyed getting to see our stock live and in person.


Cannot wait to have the professional shots from the fashion show to share with you! Check back soon!


Kawaii NOLA report!

Hello everyone! First off I’d like to say thank you to EVERYONE who stopped by our event in New Orleans. We made a lot of new friends and had a wonderful time. The result from the weekend event is that Kawaii Nola will now be carrying a curated selection of our goods as our very first brick and mortar stockist! We are so excited for this major step forward for our brand. Below are some images from our trip, we hope if you are ever in New Orleans, you’ll stop by Kawaii Nola and say hello for us.


Heading to NOLA this weekend!

Hello everyone! We have several new items in stock and are taking our show on the road to Kawaii Nola  for a very kawaii weekend with Puvithel and Precious Bbyz! We cannot wait to see everyone who’s planning on stopping by! So excited to meet everyone and show off our new wares. Once we get back from the trip we’ll update the website with our new items and an event report. See you soon Big Easy!